Please read our full Terms and Conditions and Participation Statement.

Why are we collecting this data? We need your phone number and email so that we can contact you with booking confirmations, detailed information about the event, and if there are any last-minute changes we need to tell you about.
Please, write name and phone of a person, we may need to contact in emergency
Detail of any medication you use and where you carry it when paddling. Details of any injuries or conditions which may affect your paddling comfort and safety. We ask for medical information and emergency contact details in case you have any physical issues during the event - these will be passed on to your coach or coaches on the day of the event, and will also be accessible to the organisers. If you would prefer only your coach to know about medical issues then you can leave this form blank and speak to them on the day.
If using online banking please type Name on account and last three digits of account number so we can recognise your payment
Please write in if you prefer surfing, rough water, tide race or rock hopping