The festival consists of a selection of exciting and interesting workshops. We hope that the workshops will allow you to try something new, build on skills, gain more confidence, learn something, have fun, do daft stuff, meet others, and enjoy a day out.

Some sessions will be split into beginner, intermediate and advanced if there are enough paddlers, coaches and assistance coaches to support this. In the same time, some sessions will be for all abilities to allow different paddlers to learn different skills and to socialise together.

We will do our best to provide each paddler with the workshops they chosen in their booking. Workshops will be run according to interests and conditions either each day, or at least once during the three days.

Workshops to choose from:

W1: Day paddle – short (up to 15km) – exploring the coast and enjoying the scenery

W2: Day paddle – long (20km plus) – might include short crossings and a coastal journey

W3: Kayak surfing – racing the waves to shore, bracing, splashing, and enjoying the waves

W4: Leadership and group management – testing your skills, decision making in different scenarios and conditions, rescues and incidents

W5: Paddle skills – practising and linking strokes and learning to manoeuvre like a pro

W6: Rock hopping – you can use different strokes already, put them into practise, bring some white water elements into seakayaking

W7: Rough water – paddling, playing, learning and experiencing rough water

W8: Love the wet stuff! – confidence building, including balancing in and out of your kayak


Yoga for kayakers – stretching and flexibility in the mornings before paddling

Three day festival of sea kayaking for female paddlers on the south coast