Yoga for kayakers

Held in a marquee early morning before paddling, we are running yoga sessions on Saturday and Sunday as an extra to the Festival.

Aside from a kayak, paddle and some kit, a handy thing for kayaking is to be flexible and have good trunk muscles to enable you to rotate easily and effectively.

Yoga is a really useful activity that enhances your flexibility and allows us to stretch and tone your body in ways many other exercises just do not.

Whether you are a yoga pro or have never touched your toes or attempted the warrior pose, it doesn’t matter.  You can sign up on our booking form – make sure you tick the box for stretching yourself if you want to join in. Please bring your own mat, let us know if this will not be possible and we’ll see what we can do!

Any questions about yoga just contact us.

 Cost: £15 for two morning sessions (not included in the Festival price)

Three day festival of sea kayaking for female paddlers on the south coast