In previous years the Festival consisted of a selection of exciting and interesting workshops. The aim of the workshops was to give everyone at least one of the following: to try something new, build up on your skills, gain more confidence, learn something, have fun, meet others, and enjoy a day out.

Some sessions were split into ability levels, some sessions were  for mixed abilities to allow paddlers to learn different skills supporting each other and socialising together.

We strive to do our best to provide each paddler with the workshops they have chosen in their booking.


W1: Day Paddle – short (up to 15km) – exploring the coast and enjoying the scenery

W2: Day Paddle – long (20km plus) – might include short crossings and a coastal journey

W3: Shrill and Thrill – this could be anything from surfing, to rough water skills to tide races, depending on conditions during the Festival

W4: Leadership and Group Management – testing your skills, decision making in different scenarios and conditions, rescues and incidents

W5: Paddle Skills – practising and linking strokes and learning to manoeuvre like a pro, including rock hopping

W6: Love the Wet Stuff! – confidence building, including balancing in and out of your kayak

W7: Greenland Paddling and/or Rolling – gaining or improving in skills of paddling with the stick

(6 places per day)

W8: Surf Ski – introduction to surf skis and down wind paddling